Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell – Episode 10 – Gabrielle Beckford and Patrena Murray – Gloria: A Life

Happy New Year! The Lady Bam Podcast is back with the first of two brand new podcasts for a brand new decade! This past fall, Mary starred as Gloria Steinem in Gloria: A Life, at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. The show featured a dynamic, all-female cast telling Gloria’s story in the first act, and inviting the audience to join them in a talking circle to share their personal experiences in the second act.  While the actors brought Gloria and her contemporaries to life each night, they found many of the messages and history being told on stage impacting and informing their lives. In this episode, Mary is joined by two of her co-stars in Gloria, Gabrielle Beckford and Patrena Murray, to discuss their experiences on and off the stage, in the first of our own Lady Bam talking circles with the cast and creative team of Gloria: A Life.

More about the cast and production of Gloria: A Life

One thought on “Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell – Episode 10 – Gabrielle Beckford and Patrena Murray – Gloria: A Life”

  1. OMG! I saw “Gloria” and desperately wanted to talk with you during the discussion period and I was so afraid my thoughts would be all jumbled up and I might even cry! To hear these actresses express there concerns with finding the right words. WOW!

    I am just a year older than you, Mary. And being reminded of the culture as it was back in the 50’s and 60’s, Unlike these young actresses, I do remember and I didn’t realize all that Gloria did FOR ME! We have made such progress but there is so much more to be done.

    I love your work , I love your passion for life. I’m not a progressive, but I am a Hugh fan. I wish you could do a podcast with an equally compassionate conservative. The anger in our country will never end if we don’t have conversation. Silencing one side of the discussion is not the answer. I am sure we have many thinks in common. We should be able to build on that.

    I asked my sister to drive with me from Pittsburgh to see “Cherry Orchard” on a cold and icy February weekend and then again to Princeton to see “Gloria”. And when given the opportunity to speak directly to you, I DIDN’T! Oh how I regret that.

    Thank you for doing these podcasts. You are so good at leading the conversation and getting people to open up. And in the process you share a bit of yourself with your fans. Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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