Lady Bam Podcast Episode #1 – Stacey K. Black

Welcome to the all new Lady BAM Podcast! Follow Mary McDonnell, special guest Stacey K. Black, Mina and Chelsea on directing, taking chances, having multiple careers and putting yourself out there. They also discuss the Parkland Shooting and the courage of students speaking out.

2 thoughts on “Lady Bam Podcast Episode #1 – Stacey K. Black”

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I’m a first-time listener, and I’ve been meaning to listen to it ever since I heard Mary McDonnell talk about it at GalaxyCon in July! I’m so glad I was able to listen to it! I’m not an actress, producer, or anything like that, but I still jived with listening to you talk about what it’s like to be in a male-dominated industry. I’m in the Video Game industry, and seeing a shift in this industry even in the past three years has been astounding to watch! I also loved hearing you guys talk about the students in Florida, which I know is somewhat old news now, but I think I needed to hear a reminder that things are starting to change in this country as I’ve personally felt more hopeless lately.

    Anyway, thank you so much for this podcast, and I’m looking forward to listening to more!

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