Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell – Episode 15 – John McDonnell

This week on the Lady Bam Podcast, it’s a family affair when Mary’s brother John McDonnell joins us on the podcast. As COO of Clyde’s Restaurant Group in Washington D.C., John has been leading his company through the last few months of changes the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the restaurant industry. His innovative solutions and strategies continue to bring stability and assistance to his restaurants and its employees even in today’s ever-changing climate.

We first spoke with John several weeks ago. This week we returned to the conversation and caught up on Clyde’s support of BLM in part two of the podcast.

The Hamilton, Old Ebitt Grill and Clyde’s DC boarded up in support of BLM

Clyde’s with their new community-painted murals on the windows.

Clyde’s new Pandemic Political Armistice Cocktail Keepsake Jars!