Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell – Episode 6 – Dr. Erin Macdonald

Mary McDonnell speaks to Dr. Erin Macdonald, Astrophysics, and space and science fiction speaker and consultant, on her experiences as a woman in science, how pop culture has informed her life and career choices and much more.

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4 thoughts on “Lady Bam Podcast with Mary McDonnell – Episode 6 – Dr. Erin Macdonald”

  1. -This was a wonderful podcast! I love the “SISTERHOOD” of it all. Within my circle of friends and family, it’s a requirement to encourage one another to be the best they can be! I’ve met and fell in love with the “Mary Girls” community on Twitter! I’ve met so many “sisters” I never knew I had! Each of them bring something positive to our chats. I love it!
    -I am an encouraging person by nature. I see beauty and strength in all women! I’m naturally confident because I was raised with strong confident Black women. My grandmother, mother and Aunts all encouraged me to be great! I’m so happy because I can now convey that confidence to so many women around the world. We’ve never met but we all have the same struggles. My normal is to be different and shine while helping everyone around me to shine and win as well.
    IT’S NOT A COMPETITION! TRUTH! We are in this together! We must uplift one another!
    -Nancy Pelosi has always been the #GOAT ( Greatest Of All Time) in my eyes! Always loved her, Michelle, Hillary, Stacey, and so many others! It’s encouraging and inspiring to see women get this sh*t right! I love this paradigm shift that’s happening amongst women!
    -As a Black woman in this America, I’m glad my family instilled in me the importance of EDUCATION! That was never an option! I was expected to get my Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees( 2 out of 3). In my mind I was never going to be a statistic. I was encouraged to be BETTER!
    -VIRGINIA. NOPE. No passes left to give.
    -Seeing strong and confident women in real life and television is EVERYTHING! I enjoyed Captain Raydor with my mom because she was a badass! SO EMPOWERING! I had no clue about Laura Roslin until I reactivated my Twitter account to give James Duff a piece of my mind after the series ended! There is where I found your beautiful “Mary Girls!” They’ve taught me so much! Love! Love! Love! ❤❤❤
    -CONS: I attended my first Con in London. Honestly, it scared the hell out of me. Never seen anything like it. I will try to scurry up enough courage to get to another. I really want to meet Mary and definitely take a picture! ??? Please know, it’s very scary to be out of your comfort zone.
    -Anyway…Mary you are phenomenal! I think the more I learned about you as an actress, I simply adored you for being a Master of your craft! My mother loved Mary the actress but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! I really wish she could’ve witnessed, Mary the political activist as I have! I know she would’ve been blown away…as I am! Dr. MacDonald thank you for being so relatable! We don’t get that in every day life. I know it’s coming! You are way cool! ❤❤❤
    -There is truly an awakening happening in all of us. Especially women! I’ve never been so political in my life! I won’t ever stop fighting and marching that’s for sure!
    -I’m so longwinded, I was so encouraged by this podcast! You all were wonderful! Thank you so much! ❤❤❤

  2. I really enjoyed this podcast. Erin is very well spoken and interesting to listen to. I like when the discussion gives Mary the opportunity to share her personal experiences.
    On the political side, I am a conservative and I would love if you had a guest who come represent our point of view. As far as govt employees involved in the shutdown, we all regret the hardships that these employees had to endure. I feel Pelosi shares as much to blame as Trump. When you agree with financing a wall in 2006 and 2013 but not now, you’re letting hatred for our president stand in the way of the American security we all need. Our president and conservative media have always said the problem with the FBI is the leadership, not the hardworking rank in file.
    Though we disagree politically I continue to love your work as an actor and look forward to your future projects.

  3. Very interesting discussion. My 20-year old son loves science.He studies computers but takes every kind of science class for all of his electives. Seems there are still more males than females in his classes.

    There were so many sentences from this broadcast, that I think you could spend an hour on. Mary, could you elaborate on the linear learning brain as opposed to what other kind of brain? You mentioned you were bright, but did not raise your hand….that so resonated with me. How is that tied together? What do we know about how we learn today that we did not know 40 and 50 years ago? What can we tell our 50 to 70 year old selves about that learning of yesterday that may make us feel better about the fact that we are very bright, but may not have appeared smart in a traditional sense back in the day? Maybe women need to hear more on that. …Talk about a confidence booster or conficence breaker and perhaps an aha moment for many women. My final comment, if we are between Wonder Woman and “The Wife” where do we go for role models? I agree with you on Nancy Pelosi, but as Ms. Stuart-Miller wrote above, she is not for everyone. Thank you for the podcasts; you have something special, because of your interest and interjection.

  4. Well for me personally I have come know mary McDonnell .to me she’s the queen ? ?mary McDonnell and she’s a Angel ?? to .Look I happen to come across a show that is called major crimes, so I was curious about it so I watch it .wow blew my mind first of all how beautiful she is love ? smile ?and her laugh then when she snorted her side spoken voice. I always feel the way she rolls her eyes . Look I totally enjoyed watching how Tony Denison was always so close to her ,how she interacted with mostly men in the show .Then there’s the closer how she got under Brenda s skin .she is so talented and amazingly great actress I have never ever come across someone I cared to want to know more about as I have with mary McDonnell. She is amazingly beautiful lady who is stunning and creative .Look I own most of mary McDonnell s movies and in every one of them she’s perfect. Well my dream is to meet mary McDonnell queen ?? but I would settle for a signed autograph of herself. I have never traveled outside of Canada. But if she ever came to Winnipeg I would love ??to meet her I would bow down to this extremly Awsome lady who is a very strong belief in women’s rights .

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